The story of the Villa Bork

Villa Bork is a smaller aristocracy country residence located in the picturesque village of Borcice nestled in Ilava basin. It was first mentioned in documents in 1814, when Ján Ugronovič, a nobleman from Bytča, a member of the Hungarian Parliament, decided to build a chateau in its present form on the foundations of an older baroque chateau.

Kaštieľ Villa Bork s parkom

A new story of the chateau started in June 2018 and two months later we decided to bring the chateau back to life with all of its beauty it deserves, whith history and romance breathing on you from its interior. A challenging journey of reconstruction, consulting, selection of curtains, wallpapers and furniture started. We spent all days in the chateau.

We knew what we wanted, inspired by the past, not forgetting the present. Not everything worked at the first try but we managed to complete everything within incredible 6-month time. Now, every single day, we walk around the rooms where noble families of the Borcicky or the Sipeky used to live their lives and we are thankful for this beautiful place.

Elisabeth’s tea room

In contrast to the dining room, Elisabeth’s tea room was exclusively a ladies’ room and was used not only for relax but also for the baroness’s tea time meetings with friends. The desk in the corner of the room was added in later years and was used for handling baroness’s work.

The lounge is a tribute to the last living baroness of the Sipeky descent – Elisabeth, who stayed in the chateau even after it had been confiscated and consequently used as an agricultural school. The baroness died in 1981 at the hospital in Trencianske Teplice. Fresh flowers, that the baroness particularly loved, are regularly refilled in the lounge throughout the year.

Family Dining room

The dining room is connected with Elisabeth’s tea room by windows situated towards the peaceful chateau park. These two rooms served the aristocracy more for being practical than representative. In the dining room there is a cupboard with valuable porcelain and musical instruments.

Scent of he old walls floats through the corridors, mixed with cinnamon and needles during Christmas time. We have changed original faience fireplaces into bookcases and equipped the corridors with armchairs, that were used to relax while listening to music and reading.

Piano Nobile

Piano Nobile is a representative room with high arched windows and the original piano, tones of which were carried through open door out to the park during summer evenigs.

Combined with birdsongs and blowing wind, they created a magical atmosphere. The Silent Night is the most beautiful thing , when even the chateau park is immersed in silence, snowflakes frolick behind the windows and there is a festive atmosphere inside.

Baroness and Baron’s chambers

Behind the Piano Nobile, at the back of the chateau, there is a private rest area – baroness and baron’s chambers. The dresing room along with the bedroom are the most romantic parts of the chateau, furnished with contemporary furniture and wonderful blue wallpaper on the walls.

The last baron was very fond of geography. On his desk there is a carafe with quality brandy that he used to offer to his esteemed visitors during their debates about politics or a game of cards.

Baron’s study

The baron’s study provided him with peaceful environment for work and with privacy for relax. It is furnished with dark furniture, brown wallpapers and dark blue curtains. The bookcase, where you can find books from any area, is the jewel of this room.

From the hall you can come out directly to the park with the area of 9500 m2. While walking around the park, you will be enchanted by 100-year-old trees creating a perfect oasis of peace. In autumn, the park is dressed in colorful leaves rustling under your feet; in winter everything rests under a blanket of snow. Catching a glimpse of animal inhabitants of the park is not an unusual thing.

Kaštieľ Villa Bork a jeho park na jeseň

There is always something going on in our chateau, not only because of our own activities and care for the rooms and the park, but also because the future couples come to have a look at where their wedding will take place, consult us and we are becoming a part of the most beautiful day of their lives.

We are happy to receive all the phone calls or e-mails concerning weddings as well as those concerning visits to the chateau; however apart from the exceptional events held at the chateau, it is closed to the public. You can follow all our news on social networks, where we regularly post.

Villa Bork is a magical place that you and your guests will love. If you choose this place for your Big Day, you will have a feeling that time stands still for you for a moment in these bustling times.

Join the couples at Villa Bork

Romantic and cozy rooms and the quiet atmosphere of the park are an ideal venue for all weddings in a private setting for you and your guests. At Villa Bork you will find a team of enthusiastic people who will do their best to make your Big Day fabulous.