Be the princess in your fairy tale

The bride plays the main role in her own story, a princess in her own fairy tale, which she has dreamed of. The bride cannot be confused with anyone else on her Big Day and you can recognize her from a distance not only because of the wedding dress she is wearing. Her face shines with love, happiness and emotions.

The bride at Villa Bork starts her day preparing in the Baroness’s Chamber, the most romantic part of the chateau. The chamber is furnished with antique furniture and has a view of the quiet park. On the walls there is a beautiful wallpaper in blue colour, so we have a fabulous space for the bride and her close friends – the bridesmaids – who share the joy with her, help her with preparations for her Big Day and experience everything with her. The parents cannot hide their emotions and in the groom’s eyes pride and tenderness can be seen with every look at his chosen one. Wedding guests admire the bride and little girls begin to dream of getting married in such a beautiful wedding dress one day.

And the main character is HER - the bride whose big dream is being fullfiled today.

The beautifull collection of photographs, created in the chambers during preparation of our bride Majka, is work of a photographer Lenka Matušková.