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Romana & Milan

Wedding 12.10.2019

„Long before my future husband, now husband, proposed to me, I had known that once I would have my wedding at Villa Bork. This place has grown dear to me as part of my family comes from the village of Borčice and I have known this place since my childhood. Really an enchanting place with a beautiful park will make a wonderful setting for wedding pictures from exterior as well as interior, which seems to be even more charming. Some time has passed since our wedding and memories of this beautiful day still haven’t faded away. Wonderful day thanks to the whole staff including coordinators, waiters and waitresses and the chef. May every bride have an opportunity to plan her wedding along with a wedding coordinator because she/he is an incredible help to us – brides. Particularly Danka, who is in charge of everything, knows exactly what she is doing and is a great professional. She helped me with everything and was always available to me by phone or text messages. Our whole wedding day was perfect, we completed preparations of both a bride and a groom with our loved ones directly in the chaeau rooms and we felt really extraordinary; since the morning the service of wedding coordinators was 100% and we didn’t miss anything. The decision to hold our wedding at Villa Bork was the best idea and feedback from our wedding guests has confirmed that, whether we speak about delicious food, wonderful luxuriously decorated interior or coordination. I would not change a thing and would choose Villa Bork again."

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Majka & Marek

Wedding 07.09.2019

„The year 2019 was extraordinary for us. There is a saying that ‘what is meant to come to you, will come at the right time’. Just like our first trip past Villa Bork – this place, embraced with magnolia trees in bloom, carved into our minds forever. The first encounter with Mrs. Danka Majerníková gave us the warm feeling that everything is as it should be. We enjoyed the months of planning accompanied by highly professional approach full of smile and laughter with spicy tea in our hands, feeling warmth and passion of people doing things with love. Our wedding – the touch of autumn – was magical. The ceremony under a 500-year-old linden tree overseeing all new marriages has an immense value for us forever. We appreciate the fact, that the former residence of aristocracy of the village of Borčice could become a part of the story of our love, joy and happiness. It was an honour for us to get to know the whole team of great people, professionals in what they do, but what is most important the people with their hearts in the right place. Extraordinary time working together with Villa Bork lead to creating a work of art called OUR DREAM IN VILLA BORK on 7 September, 2019. We are still full of emotions enhanced by skillful work of the whole team. Thank you for having become part of our fairy tale, the most beautiful day of our lives. We wish you more couples that will be proud of working with you, because what you do is exceptional. When human approach, kindness and friendship get together with great profesionality and talent to do everything with love and noblesse – that is Villa Bork. Thank you for being with us on this extraordinary day."

Novomanželia kaštieľ Villa Bork
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Martina & Jeroen

Wedding 08.06.2019

„If you are looking for a place where time stands still for a moment for you and your guests, Villa Bork is the right choice. The chateau offers renewed interior with antique furniture, and is surrounded by a large green park. It is a fabulous place, an oasis of peace and romance every couple in love can dreame of. Your wedding party will be tailored here for you. Wonderful flower decoration, pleasant atmosphere, delicious food and brilliant staff will make your wedding day unforgettable. I would like to emphasize professional but at the same time friendly attitude of our wedding manager Danka Majernikova throughout the whole wedding planning process. Thanks to her skills, hard work and experience, our dream of a fairytale wedding has come true. We sincerely thank everyone who took part in our wedding day. Thanks to the extraordinary venue and the team of people in the right place, it was a perfect day for us and our Slovak – Dutch guests.“
Mladomanželia v kaštieli Villa Bork v miestnosti Piano Nobile
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