history of Villa Bork

Villa Bork is a picturesque aristocratic mansion located in the small village of Borčice, in the heart of the Trenčín region. The historic noble mansion is reconstructed in the early Renaissance style and has a main entrance situated directly in the picturesque park.

The dating of the construction of the chateau dates back to 1814 and is also carved in the top of the smooth classicist portal above the main entrance to the chateau.

The construction was carried out by IOANNIS UGRONOVITTI, who was the first owner of the manor, which is evidenced by the inscription on the plaque mounted under the portico.

He started the construction of the chateau on the older baroque foundations in the form in which we know the manor house today.

The noble family Ugronovič came from the Balkans and their family coat of arms still hangs on the facade of the chateau among the magnolias.

The last noble owners of the chateau were the Sipeky family. The noble origin is derived from the Sipeka von Paks family, whose noble title was granted by King Rudolf in Prague on 16 October 1579. The title was granted to Tomas Sipeky aliter Paksi and his wife Katharina Eöttheövény.

The elegant noble residence has always been an ornament of the surrounding area and at one time the village of Borčice was nicknamed "Little Vienna".

The chateau and the adjacent park belong to the national cultural monuments, and since 2006 they have been in private ownership. 

When renovating the interior of chateau, the current owner was inspired by its historical story, and thanks to his diligence and skill, today you can breathe history combined with romance.

The main entrance to the chateau is situated in the park, enclosed by a pegged balustrade. The high roof with dormers enhances the aesthetic impression of a noble residence, integrated into the natural environment.

The Baroque architect-builders inserted the chateau into nature, with which they sensitively connected it. It created a private backdrop to the noble residence and made life more pleasant for the members of the noble families.

The inhabitants of Villa Bork belonged to important aristocratic families and this was also visible in the manor house and the surrounding park, which they beautified.

The corridors of the manor still carry the smell of the old walls, mixed with cinnamon and pine needles at Christmas time.

The original faience fireplaces have been transformed into libraries and the corridors are furnished with armchairs for relaxing with music or reading a book.

The original Baroque chimneys are preserved in the attic, which themselves have great historical value.

A magical and exceptional atmosphere reigns in the chateau throughout the year and especially at the time of magnolia blossoming, when the manor is in their embrace and their beauty and tenderness delight passers-by.

Of the original number, three beautiful trees, more than 5 metres high, remain, growing in front of the main facade of the mansion, right next to the main road.

Thank you for all phone calls or emails regarding visits to the manor, but apart from special events that take place in its premises, Villa Bork is closed to the public.

Villa Bork is a magical place that not only you but also your guests will love.

A place that, when you choose to experience special moments, you will feel that time has stopped for a moment in this hectic time.