Discover the magic of Villa Bork

The Villa Bork Manor is a jewel of 18th century classical architecture that carries the style and charm of the past. Together with the charming green park, it is a perfect oasis of peace and romance.

The Villa Bork premises are available with 24 hours rental. The unique atmosphere and perfect privacy will give you the opportunity to spend time in a beautiful place with people you care about.


Romantic spaces

Villa Bork is a smaller one-storey manor house, where a romantic and cosy interior awaits you.

In addition to the historical story, the manor's spaces are romantic and representative, perfect for beautiful photographs.

The Baroness's Tea Room and the Pink Dining Room

The Baroness's Tea Room and the Family Dining Room are cosy, smaller lounges, overlooking the overlooking the charming manor park.

The lounges are interconnected and your guests can relax in them, sit with a cup of coffee or a pleasant conversation.


piano nobile

The magnificent, representative chateau-style room is suitable for receptions with a capacity of 60 guests throughout the year. In addition to the elegant atmosphere, you will be enchanted by the high, arched windows and the original piano.

chambers of the Baroness and the Baron

Accommodation for 1 night for two persons in the romantic chambers of the Baroness and the Baron is available directly in the manor during the rental period.

A unique experience during which you stay in the manor house as a couple and enjoy its beauty in perfect privacy.

The chambers are the most romantic part of our mansion. They consist of three interconnected rooms, overlooking the enchanting manor park.


manor park

The main entrance of the mansion is situated in the beautiful original park that stretches directly behind it. The park is made up of small woods, carefully maintained lawns and tree corners that are several tens and hundreds of years old.


The unique beauty of the park stands out during the summer months, when you can spend unforgettable moments directly under the blue sky.

The park is beautiful throughout the day, the photos during sunset are unique and the evening atmosphere is completed by the decorative lighting located in the main part of the park by the beautiful 500 year old lime tree.

outdoor tent

An elegant tent with a capacity for 100 guests is at your disposal in the manor park. The tent is set in an acacia woodland setting, creating a unique connection between the manor house and the surrounding greenery.

The tent includes romantic satin canopies, rustic chandeliers and decorative lighting. These details add elegance to the interior of the tent and complete the romantic atmosphere of your reception.


At the back of the park you will find a garden gazebo, which is created as a relaxation area for you and your guests.

During hot summer days, it will provide you with pleasant shade and your guests can enjoy the beauty of the surrounding trees with a unique view of the park.

experience the magic of villa bork and you

Villa Bork is a place that will grow close to your heart. Rent the beautiful premises of a noble mansion with a beautiful park and spend your special moments with us.