We are committed to making sure that you and your guests enjoy your wedding day at Villa Bork to the fullest. During the wedding planning process, a wedding coordinator is at your disposal to take care of the preparation and organization of your unforgettable wedding.

Alexandra & Jozef 10.6.23

We came across Villa Bork by chance on the internet, while looking for a possible wedding venue. The first thing that appealed to us were the shots of the beautiful interior, and as we are both big art and history lovers, we immediately filled out the contact form and waited to see what would happen. The next day, a reply arrived with an offer to meet in person. The enchantment of the premises was even greater on our first visit and we admit that it has only increased with each subsequent visit to the mansion. After a few days of deliberation, we confirmed to the coordinator Danka that the day in Borčice on 10.6. would "belong" to us. Since we had more than a year of time, the preparations were very quiet - in meetings about once every three months. Danka always informed us in advance what we were expecting at the next meeting and what needed to be resolved/confirmed/payed, so we were able to set up and prepare for everything in advance. The helpfulness and professionalism translated into the individual approach we felt from the first meetings when Danka was interested in who we were, how we met and how we got to the decision to get married. Based on all of our previous experiences we had no fear of how our wedding day would turn out, we trusted Danka completely. Even today, almost three weeks after the wedding, we have not found anything to fault or change. That Villa Bork was the right choice is confirmed by our family and friends who only praised the wedding, in every detail, whether it was the venues, the staff, the food, the organization - everything was top!
After all the guests were dressed up (already in the early dawn), we returned to the manor like barons of the house and went to sleep in the baroness's box 🙂 Waking up in the sun-drenched manor overlooking the park was beautiful and magical. It also made our wedding day unforgettable and most beautiful!

Katka & Luka 27.5.23

We were having our wedding at the Villa in May 2023. After we arranged it I said hmm, wedding coordinator, sure I'll do half of it myself (since that's been our friends' experience with other coordinators). I was sorely mistaken. I don't think the day would have been as amazing as it was without Danka. Always ready to help, she is kind, helpful and everything one could ask for. Villa Bork itself is a wonderful space that we still hear praise for. Be it the vintage interiors or the beautiful garden. It really is a wonderful place to have a wedding and I can only recommend it.

Dominika & Michal 4.2.23

Villa Bork is a wonderful wedding venue with beautiful spaces, excellent facilities and great service. I especially appreciate the approach of the wedding coordinator Danka, who prepared an unforgettable day for us and arranged and organized everything perfectly. I really enjoyed the coffee sessions where we discussed our wedding ideas and plans. You can see that for Danka her work is her mission and she planned our wedding as if it was for her closest friends. I consider it a huge plus that Villa Bork Manor has prepared an extensive list of vetted vendors (photo, video, makeup...) from which we could choose according to what suited us best. If you want a wedding without worries and unnecessary stress, Villa Bork Manor is truly the place to be.

Martina & Jakub 26.8.22

Every time we passed through the village of Borčice, we joked with a friend that we would have our wedding in this manor house one day Therefore, it was not surprising that after the engagement we initiated the first meeting, where we just looked at the beautiful premises with amazement and listened to the wedding planning process. We knew from the first moment that this was the place for our wedding. We had been planning our wedding for just under 8 months and every single meeting just confirmed us in making the right choice. We were also positive about the services provided by the wedding agency and especially the coordinator, Danka, who literally took care of everything. It is obvious that Danka takes her job very professionally. Always in a positive mood, with lots of creative ideas, she was able to create the perfect experience of a lifetime for us in the form of our big day. We enjoyed our wedding day from the very morning. Thanks to the great organization of the whole team of people, everything was stress-free, cool and we were able to spend time with our guests and enjoy time with our family and friends and everything was just the way we dreamed it would be. A huge thank you to Danka and the whole team as the day exceeded our expectations. The guests were delighted with the venue, the food, the cakes and the whole atmosphere. Thank you again.

Miroslava & Zeno 30.7.22

Villa Bork Manor enchanted us at first impression with its beautiful park and unique atmosphere. Already after the first session with the coordinator Danka we were decided. We had been planning our wedding for a whole year and Danka was available to us at any time. You can see that this is not just a job for her but also a great passion. The typical pre-wedding rush and stress was avoided because Danka had the whole preparation under control.Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for giving us the most beautiful day of our lives and making all our wedding dreams come true.

Nikola & Jakub 23.7.22

During our search for a venue for our big day, we found Villa Bork on the internet and were blown away by how incredible this place looks. From the first message with the coordinator Danka we arranged a meeting right away where she showed us the place. We knew it was exactly what we wanted, we were so excited about it! The first meetings started, the first ideas of what our day would look like. Every single meeting was unique always in something different, over coffee everything always went better with a smile and good mood. Willingness to help, advise, solve everything. Danka is really a sweet sweet woman, you can see that she enjoys her work and that she loves it. She enjoyed every single meeting and so did we. We are extremely grateful to her for everything she did for us especially that we had a worry and stress free experience. Half a year of planning went by incredibly fast for us and when the D-day arrived ! We were incredibly satisfied, happy, overwhelmed not only us but also our guests. Villa Bork is a beautiful place whether the whole grounds or the manor itself. My husband and I are already grateful and most of all happy that we chose this place. We will never regret it, I would do it all over again from the very beginning. Thank you Danke from the bottom of our hearts for what you did for us without you our wedding would not have been as amazing as it was! Thank you.

Monika & Patrik 25.6.22

My fiancé and I found out about Villa Bork Manor through their website. Our requirements for the wedding venue were clear right from the engagement. We wanted to have our big day in a romantic location, with beautiful surrounding nature and away from the hustle and bustle of cars and lots of people. And since Villa Bork met these requirements perfectly, we didn't hesitate to turn here to plan our wedding. We have to admit that just the initial email was a very pleasant sign that we were in the right place. Both my husband and I can appreciate professionalism when communicating with a potential client. The initial meeting was held in a relaxed atmosphere where we were able to discuss our ideas, but also had the opportunity to view the entire mansion. We fell in love with the place and from that moment on we were looking forward to all future meetings with the coordinator, Danka. Just coordinating the wedding planning and the wedding day is also a huge advantage that the mansion offers. Which means that for couples who are also busy with work, this is an unimaginable advantage. As for the wedding day itself, we would only describe it briefly here. It was the most beautiful day of our lives. And today I am proud to say to all those who warned me before the wedding that something would always go wrong and not turn out as expected, so to be prepared - WE had our wedding day exactly as we dreamed.

Kristína & Martin 18.6.22

For us, Villa Bork is not just an ordinary place where we got married. It is a place that has grown close to our hearts and, with the passage of time, we are convinced that it was fateful for us. On our first viewing, neither my fiancé nor I were sure if it was the right one for us as we are not "manor house" types. But Danka, the coordinator, stepped in - a smiling, patient and energetic woman who explained in a pleasant way that this was not just a mansion, but an area that would belong to us and we weren't renting a place, but an experience and emotion that would not be repeated, and that deserved adequate surroundings and access. We also expressed our doubts if we even needed a coordinator... How wrong we were 🙂 In Danka's words - a wedding is not about the couple being stressed and nervous about whether everything is as it should be and controlling every detail. A wedding is about devoting ourselves to the guests, enjoying each other and appreciating that special event - the joining of our lives in front of family and loved ones. The rest will be handled by her. It was decided. We booked the venue 9 months in advance, so there was plenty of time for planning, although I have no doubt that with Danka, it could be done in a month. We had 2 face to face meetings in the first 6 months and the last one a month before the wedding via video call, where we already fine-tuned the final agenda of the wedding day. The future husband was also at these meetings, but since it's not in a man's nature to deal with details about flowers, decorations and a million other things (and let's be honest, they're not expected to), the main conversation was between Danka and I outside of the groom. I can't imagine how I would have dealt with so many things that until you're dealing with a wedding, you don't even know they need to be dealt with, if it weren't for Danka. Danka was available the whole time, patiently answering my questions, concoctions, ideas (not always entirely realistic) and in turn, supporting me in everything I wanted. She practically pointed out the pros and cons, realistically translated that into a budget and the result was a compromise to make me happy too, but it didn't ruin us financially Danka was on the phone not only professionally, but also humanly and I dare say that many times she supported me empathetically and in a friendly way, even outside of wedding related topics. D-day was really just the icing on the cake. Just by having everything really locked down a month before the wedding, there was no longer any reason for stress, pressure or nerves. There's nothing more liberating than knowing that you can just show up, get hitched and look forward to enjoying your husband, family, friends and partying like it's meant to be. In the best sense of the word, we felt like guests at our own wedding. Danka is not just the coordinator, she is the soul of the entire Villa Bork venue. It's not just a job for her, it's a passion and you can feel it in everything she touches. She's your partner in comfort and discomfort, she's your friend on the phone, she's the manager who keeps all the suppliers under control, but most importantly, she's the person you can count on and your needs and dreams become hers and she will do everything 110% to make them come true for you.

Lucia & David 4.9.21

A year ago we started dreaming our dream of a wedding. Just a few days after our engagement, we knew exactly how, and most importantly where, our wedding would take place. It was Villa Bork Manor, which captivated us and to this day we are convinced that it was the right decision we made. Our idea was clear. We knew exactly what must not be missing at our wedding and, conversely, what must not be there. We dreamed of a beautiful, romantic and spectacular wedding. Right after the first video call with Danka, the wedding planner of Villa Bork, we knew that she fully understood us and would make our every wish come true. During the whole year of planning she convinced us of that as well and we were impressed by her work, radiance, friendliness but also professionalism from the beginning. Whether it was a Sunday, a holiday, or late in the evening, she was very responsive to our every message and all of our wishes could be considered taken care of immediately. Since we were planning our wedding from abroad, we mainly wanted to rely on someone who could plan our dream wedding without us being in the country and without having to burden ourselves with all the little details that were needed. This, unfortunately, is no longer commonplace today in the way that it is commonplace at Villa Bork. Many of our friends also had experience with wedding planners and we exchanged experiences with each other. We have to highlight that Danka's work, her management skills, her human side, but also the support she gave us during the planning process is really unique and our acquaintances did not have such experiences. They couldn't rely so much on their planners, they had to arrange a lot of things on their own, arrange it themselves, keep it in their head and deal with the wedding as if they were planning it themselves. We had the complete opposite experience and Danka took care of everything for us. You can tell that she lives her work, which is reflected in her enthusiasm for planning and making her clients' dreams come true.This allowed us to enjoy this whole year without any stress. When D-Day came we knew everything would go smoothly and we trusted her completely. Our wedding was beautiful. Danka took all of our wishes and dreams and took them even further. We felt like we were in a fairytale from the morning of the wedding to the next and these memories will last forever. If you too are thinking of having your wedding at Villa Bork, don't hesitate because you won't find a more unique venue and professional wedding planner far and wide.

mária & Ľuboš 20.8.21

I have always longed for a big wedding at which I will be a guest myself. We couldn't have chosen a better venue than Castel Villa Bork to make my dream come true. Since my husband wasn't exactly crazy about the planning phase, I really appreciated the personal and friendly approach of the coordinator Danka. With Danka, every planning meeting was an enjoyable time spent as two friends chatting about how we envisioned our dream wedding. Except in this case it wasn't just dreaming, but each of our wedding ideas were gradually being realized (and I was quite imaginative with the requirements :). Most of all, though, we enjoyed our big day. We appreciated the peace and quiet that stretched throughout the morning, as we had nothing to do but gallo. The space is so beautiful in its own right that only the subtle and understated appeal made it a magical place. Every detail of our wedding day was perfect. The decor was charming just as we had imagined, the program beautifully organized, the food delicious, the setting unique. I also appreciate how the management of the larger number of people we had was handled. Not only did the two of us have a great time at the wedding, but our guests did as well, which was also very important to us. Just in short, if we were to plan a wedding again, we would change absolutely nothing .

Katarína & Andreas 17.7.21

We have always wanted to have an outdoor wedding and when we came across Villa Bork Manor after a short search on the internet, it immediately caught our eye. After our first visit and meeting the amazing coordinator, Danka, we knew this was the place we wanted to spend our big day. All the preparations were done in a professional, friendly and relaxed atmosphere, with a huge amount of attention being paid to our needs and wishes. Last but not least, I can't forget the huge relief from the responsibility of finding and arranging suppliers for us as fiancés. For this pre-wedding comfort, our huge thanks go to Danka. The wedding itself was truly a dream come true for us, from the unbelievably great food (with the chef having no problem consulting with us about the flavours of foreign cuisine to get as close to the authenticity of the country my husband is from as possible), to the very helpful staff who looked after our comfort throughout the day. I would like to thank Danka and the whole team once again. Thanks to your professionalism, human approach, while it was obvious that work is also a hobby for you, you provided two young people with an unforgettable experience and wonderful memories of their important day, which started their journey through life together.

Magdalénka & matej 22.8.20

Villa Bork is one magical place where dreams of a perfect wedding come true. It is not only the beautiful interior and the amazing park full of greenery that makes it so, but also the coordinator Danka, who is a great professional and is dedicated to her work to the maximum. She puts not only all her energy but also her heart into planning the wedding. She tried to fulfill our every wish and was able to advise us on many things herself. Thanks to her, the wedding planning did not represent any stress for us, on the contrary, we enjoyed it very much. We knew that we had a person by our side whom we could rely on one hundred percent. She and the entire Villa Bork team really took care of us on our wedding day like a baron and baroness. Our two year old son also felt right at home in the mansion and enjoyed the entire wedding day at least as much as his parents did. There is nothing like the feeling of not having to worry about anything and having everything handled for you by a team of amazing coordinators. They brought us coffee, cleaned our dresses, entertained the kids. They really took care of everything so that we could enjoy our big day to the fullest. The wedding night in the bridal chambers and our happy baby sleeping through the night without a single wake up call was just a lovely finishing touch to the whole wedding. To this day, the memories of that day evoke many strong emotions in us. The manor became our wedding home and Danka became our good friend. Villa Bork is the place for everyone who wants to make their wedding a lifetime experience and not a worry and concern. It's a place where we felt very comfortable from the very first visit and we and our son looked forward to every single meeting. Getting married at Villa Bork was definitely the right decision. Not only us but also our guests were pleasantly surprised by the beautiful surroundings, the professional approach and to this day they still tell us how wonderful the atmosphere was at our wedding. The decorations, the food, the entertainment, the childcare all this and more Villa Bork provided for us perfectly. Our only regret is that the whole day went by so quickly and we would love to do it again if we could. Thank you for everything Villa Bork.

Jana & Richard 15.8.22

When my fiancé (now husband) and I were still deciding on a venue for our wedding, after a visit to Villa Bork and a meeting with our wedding coordinator, Danka, the choice was clear. The manor house and its surroundings are beautiful and perfect for a romantic wedding, there is a beautiful park on the grounds with a gazebo, the manor house itself is an amazing place in itself. Danka and her team arranged everything we could have wished for and throughout the wedding planning the atmosphere and communication was excellent, we looked forward to every single meeting. Danka is a great person who is kind and always goes out of her way to accommodate us, she always gave us advice and helped us with our choices. The coordinators who were with us during our day were professional and helpful, all the staff and suppliers were friendly and did their job to a high standard. Our day was stress free, all our guests were extremely happy and so were we :). We would definitely recommend with all ten.

Maria & Marek 7.9.19

They say that everything that is meant to come to you always comes at the right time. Just like our first trip around Villa Bork, which had us forever attached to it with magnolias in bloom. Our first meeting with the wedding coordinator, Danka, gave us that warming feeling that everything is as it should be. Months of planning with a highly professional approach, full of smiles and laughter over fragrant tea, infused with humanity and a passion to do things with love, we enjoyed to the fullest. Our wedding - a touch of autumn was magical. The ceremony under the 500+ year old linden tree that oversees every newlywed union is of great value to us forever. We appreciate that it was the seat of Borčica nobility that could be part of our story of love, joy and happiness. It was an honour for us to get to know a whole team of great people, professionals in their work but most importantly people with their heart in the right place! An exceptional time to work with Villa Bork and let a masterpiece called our dream come to life at Villa Bork on 07.09.2019. We are still full of emotions now, which the skilful work of the whole team made even more special. Thank you for being part of our fairy tale, our most beautiful day in our lives. We wish you many more couples who will be proud to work with you because you make what you do exceptional. When humanity, kindness and friendship meet with immense professionalism and the talent to do things with love and refinement - that's Villa Bork. Thank you for being there with us on this special day!

Martina & Jeroen 8.6.19

If you are looking for a magical place where time stops for you and your guests, Villa Bork is the right choice for you. The manor house offers a restored interior with period furniture, and is surrounded by a large green park. It's a fairytale place, an oasis of peace and romance that every couple in love dreams of. Your wedding reception will be prepared here according to your requirements. Beautiful floral decorations, pleasant atmosphere, delicious food and great staff will make sure that your wedding day will be unforgettable. I would like to highlight the professional yet friendly approach of our wedding coordinator, Danka, throughout the entire wedding planning process. Her skill, hard work and experience made our dream of a fairytale wedding come true. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all those involved in our wedding day. With that special venue and team of people in the right place, it was a perfect day for us and our Slovak-Dutch guests.

Romana & Milan 12.10.19

Long before I proposed to my now-husband, I knew that I would one day have my wedding at Villa Bork. The place was very close to my heart, just because part of my family comes from Borčice and I have known the manor since I was a child. A truly magical place with a beautiful manor park, there is no shortage of perfect wedding photos right from there as well as from inside the manor which is arguably even more magical. We're some Saturday after the wedding and the memories of this beautiful day are still reverberating in us... A beautiful day especially thanks to the whole team including coordinators, attendants, chef. I would wish every woman to deal with the whole preparations with a coordinator as it is an incredible help for us as brides. Especially Danka who is in charge of the whole thing , she knows what she is doing and is a great professional. She really helped me with just about everything and was always available to me via messages or phone calls. Our whole wedding day was exemplary, we went through the preparations of both the bride and the groom with their loved ones right in the manor chambers and we felt special, the service from the coordinators was 100% right from the morning and we didn't miss anything. Deciding to have our wedding at Villa Bork Manor was the best idea ever and this was confirmed even more through the great feedback from our wedding guests, whether it was the truly delicious food, the gorgeous luxuriously decorated venue or the co-ordination. I wouldn't change a thing and would quietly if I had to choose again choose Villa Bork again.